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Pax Galaxia Official Strategy Guide

  • Try to keep an eye over the entire galaxy. Winning a great battle is worth nothing if your lines are broken on the other side of the map.
  • Whenever you give a star the order to move, ask yourself what would happen if all the ships move from it. If there's an enemy next to your star, he may capture it and possibly many more of your stars, so you need to keep in mind you need to check often on this star. Of course, it's better not to let many such teapots on the fire lest the entire galaxy start whistling in alarm.
  • Don't let large forces do nothing. Send them to attack, reinforce borders, but always keep the war machine rolling.
  • When you can give orders to more stars, always choose the star with the largest force first.
  • Try to attack the strongest enemy if you can. Don't get caught up in prolonged battles with smaller players - this will only benefit the position of the strongest player.
  • Add movement orders even between stars without any ships. This way, all new built ships will go straight into battle.
  • Always try to encircle an enemy army instead of forcing it to retreat. Likewise, if some of your forces are encircled, try to break through the siege to save them.
  • If you want to force an enemy to retreat, it's better not to attack unless you can mentain at least a 2 to 1 superiority. When attacking red or violet stars, make that a 4-1 superiority. More may be needed if the enemy is sending many reinforcements to that star.
  • Red and green stars negate each other's bonuses: if you must attack a red star, try to attack it from a green star.
  • Violet stars make for great defending positions, if you have a large enough army based there - your damaged ships restore very fast, even under attack.
  • Violet stars are also very good attacking paltforms. Because of their high repair rate, they keep their attacking force operational for a longer time.
  • Tactical retreats can be turned into an encircling counter-attack. Usually you let an enemy star conquer one of your stars - then you attack and conquer that enemy star. Most of the forces that were on the attacking star are now trapped on the star you sacrificed, waiting to be destroyed.
  • Always try to break the enemy teritories in more sectors. Each of these smaller sectors can then be shrinked and forced to surrender a lot easier.
  • The AI will not attack a star unless it enjoys a certain superiority. When you don't want to be attacked you can use this to your advantage.
  • To move ships fast across the galaxy, it's better to use multiple routes.
  • Focus all your might in a single direction.
  • You can instigate fights between your AI opponents to weaken them. The AI players will always attack a star if they have a certain superiority to it - if you decrease the forces on a star (either by attacking it yourself or by letting it attack and conquer one of your stars) it's neigbours may attack it. (thanks to Carl K. Cramer for this one)

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