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Monthly news about updates to our games, recommendations of the best strategy games on the web and more.

Affiliation method
This site supports affiliation using the Regnow system. I use Regnow exclusively on this site and for all my in-game links.

Affiliate Rate
The affiliation bonus rate for my games is set at 40%.

Only the three games developed by me will generate affiliated sales (Pax Galaxia, Orbital Trader and RedBlue Classics). In the (near) future I'll promote the products of other developers on this site, becoming a Regnow affiliate myself.

Pad Files
Custom Builds
Custom built versions can be created using the Regnow Trial Tracking system. The links to the custom built versions are available in your Regnow affiliate control panel. Refer to the Regnow documentation for more information (under Help and Support, choose the Tracking products entry).

The custom built files will hard-link to the regnow buy page using your affiliate ID. All the links within the games towards our website use cookie based affiliation links (to make sure check the URL files in our product directory - all the links go through these URL files).

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