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Monthly news about updates to our games, recommendations of the best strategy games on the web and more.

My name is Diodor Bitan and I live in Bucharest, Romania. I love computer games so much I decided I just have to make some myself. This site is dedicated to offering you my games, as well as some of my favorite games by other developers.

My Games
This site focuses on strategy games. All of them can be learned in minutes, and can be played and enjoyed minutes at a time.If you like strategy titles but have too little time to really play them anymore, this site is perfect for you. You will get all the tactical play, with none of the work.

Why would you buy games here?
Because you like them. It is that easy. Not because of what a magazine said or an add you saw or the plastic statue of the lead character in some games retail shop. Just try the demo and decide based on that.

Why should you buy games here?
If you like the games on this site you should support us developers so that we'll be able to improve on these games in the future too, and bring you more games you'll like. Also, for my part I can guarantee you one smile for each of my games bought, or your money back.

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